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Dogs do not come already trained when adopted. Many pet parents at some point will face the decision to find a dog trainer or surrender their pet. Fetch is here to bridge the gap. Through Fetch, I will work with local animal shelters to adopt their "hopeless" cases and train them for their new home. Fetch will be here to save many lives before it is too late.

How "Fetch" Works

A Fun & Personable Experience!

I Fetch

This is for the Pro-Adoption pet owners. Expect a very personable and exciting experience. I will meet with potential pet owners to discuss their wants & needs for their future pet.  Based on the fun facts provided, I will fetch their new furry family member and train them for their new home!

You Fetch

All dogs adopted through Mt. Olympus will be featured on the website and all social media outlets for potential pet parents to see. Training videos will be available to show each dog's journey to their new home of fulfillment. When a potential pet parent has been found, we will meet for a very personable and exciting experience! 


Check in soon for the newest member of the Mt. Olympus Family!

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