The Story Behind Mt. Olympus

Growing up in Boston, I was referred to as Noah. Why Noah?! My dad worked at the Franklin Park Zoo basically my entire childhood. I spent every afternoon of every day at the zoo. Needless to say, my passion for animals began at a young age. From feeding the local raccoons to saving strays, I knew what I wanted for my life. I wanted a life with animals.

My journey brought me to Raleigh, North Carolina where I graduated from NC State with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. My first project was a young pit bull named Bear. Bear would become my best friend instantly. I adopted Bear in 2010 and he passed away in January, 2018. My ultimate goal in life was to change the stereotype that people have about pit bulls and similar breeds. Bear was the “bread & butter” of this dream. Bear proved that the stereotype and biases that people have about the breed are indeed false and based on an uneducated opinion. 

I will show through Mt. Olympus Animal Services that Bear was not an outlier, but a great representation of the pit bull breed. As a dog trainer, I will work one-on-one with pet parents to be strong and responsible owners. As an advocate, I will work to educate the public and end feeding the stereotype.

I look forward to building lasting relationships!