The Mt. Olympus Way

I believe Pit Bulls are inherently good. I believe there are too many irresponsible owners, too many dog fighting rings, too many backyard breeders, and too many people feeding into a false stereotype. I believe through educating, advocating, and training, the Pit Bull breed can be saved. Remember the Past.

The Mt. Olympus Experience

My training sessions are creative, instinctual, and customized to your pet needs! If you are looking for a more generic experience, I am NOT your trainer. All sessions are recorded for not only educational purposes, but for your peace of mind. My dedication to you is undisputed. My passion unrivaled.


Adoption Program

Dogs do not come already trained when adopted. Many pet parents at some point will face the decision to  find a dog trainer or surrender their pet. Fetch is here to bridge the gap. Through Fetch, I will work with local animal shelters to adopt their "hopeless" cases and train them for their new home. Fetch will be here to save many lives before it is too late.

The "BSL" Pit Bull Program

One major goal of Mt. Olympus Animal Services is to change the stereotype of Pit Bulls. BSL normally would stand for breed specific legislation. For Mt. Olympus, it stands for "Becoming Strong Leaders. Pit Bulls need more strong, educated, and responsible leaders. This program will teach owners how to lead this breed and help provide a positive image for an amazing dog. Certificate and dog tags provided once program is completed! 

14-Day Training Camp

One of our most popular services for puppies and adult dogs! This is an intensive 2 week training program for the pet parents that would like their pet trained for them due to a restricted schedule. During this training program, your dog will stay with me while learning basic commands and behavior problems will be corrected. 

21-Day Rehabilitation

This program is designed for dogs with  serious behavioral problems such as separation anxiety, aggressive tendencies,  dogs that seem uncontrollable, or dogs needing rehabilitation. I recognize that some conditions may take more time to resolve. For 21 days, your pet will stay with me while I work on correcting their issue. 

Puppy School

Basic puppy obedience training such as basic commands, and potty training. Owner participation is required.

Dog Training Package

Includes basic obedience & corrective training. Owner participation is required.


Have pet related questions? I will come out to your home to provide consultation based on your needs. 

$150 per session 

Pet Exercise

Includes workouts, walks, jogs, runs, playtime, hiking, and swimming. Weekly packages are available. 

$20 per session

Pet Boarding - My Home

Boarding at my residence overnight.

$40 a night

*Fees apply for additional pets

Complimentary Services

Complimentary services include homemade organic frozen treats, report cards, pet photos, brushing, waste removal, and pet cleanup!


The Mt. Olympus Pledge

In order for any training to work, it must first begin with the owner. There will be adjustments you will have to make to your life and the way that you see your pet.  A problem cannot be corrected if the owner is not willing to cooperate or remain dedicated to keep the training going. All that I ask of my clients, is their trust, commitment, and an open-mind through the process. No matter what service you have signed up for, I am 100% dedicated to you and your pet. Stand with me through the process and we will accomplish endless results! 

"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.”

Rudyard Kipling

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