Exceptional Pet Care For Families in need!

Dog Training, Pet Exercise, Pet Sitting, Post-Surgery Care, and much more!


No Shock Collars!

While training with your pet, I will not use a shock collar. In fact, I am completely against using shock collars for training & correction. There is always another way!

The Mt. Olympus Experience

Anyone can be just a dog walker. I will run, jump, swim, and hike with your beloved pet!  While your pet is with me I will also  train with them. No bad habits! Complimentary Services include organic frozen treats, report cards, pet photos, waste removal, & a 'feel-good' brushing!

No Animal Left Behind

Own cats, rabbits, birds, snakes, fish, or even horses? No worries, I have you covered. With more than 11 years of animal care of different species, no animal is left behind!

Pet Exercise

Includes workouts, walks, jogs, runs, playtime, hiking, and swimming.

$20 per session

Pet Sitting - My Home

Pet Sitting at my residence overnight.

$40 a night

*Fees apply for additional pets

Pet Sitting - Your Home

Pet Sitting at the home of the residence.

$30 per visit



*Fees apply for extra hour or additional pets. 

Dog Training Package

Includes basic obedience & corrective training. Owner participation is required.

$300/6 sessions

14-Day Training Camp

One of our most popular services! This is an intensive 2 week training program for the parents that would like their pet trained for them due to a restricted schedule. During this training program, your dog will learn basic commands and behavior problems will be corrected. 


*Payment Arrangements are available

Pet Exercise Weekly Package

1 session per day, M-Sat


2 sessions per day, M-Sat


3 sessions per day, M-Sat


*Custom Packages Available

*Package is for 5 Days

Pet Sitting Weekly Package

Includes 1-Hour visit per day, M-F


*Custom Packages Available

*Package is for 5 Days

Puppy Obedience School

Basic puppy obedience training such as basic commands, and potty training. Owner participation is required.

$400/8 sessions

Special Care

Care for elderly , post surgery, and special needs dogs

*Price contingent on specific needs i.e. after spay & neuter procedures,

Complimentary Services

Complimentary services include homemade organic frozen treats, report cards, pet photos, brushing, waste removal, and pet cleanup!


Pet Taxi

Includes trips to the vet clinic, groomer, and other pet related trips.

$10 per trip

“A dog's love rivals the strength of the wolf pack and the courage of a warrior.”

Fred Chavis

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